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Le Répertoire de La Cuisine
by Louis Saulnier
The original, squashed down to read in about 30 minutes

Auguste Escoffier and the distinctive yellow cover of the English edition

(Paris, 1914)

The magnificent French haute cuisine we know now was substantially created and codified in the 19th Century by Antoine Carême and Auguste Escoffier. It was Escoffier's student Louis Saulnier who prepared this list of quick definitions of their dishes in the book known to cooks the world over as 'Le Répertoire'.

Abridged: GH. This version imitates the distinctive layout of the original and gives a mere 300 or so of the most famous of Saulnier's 7000 short definitions, but, short though they are, most are complete exactly as written.

Le Répertoire de La Cuisine

To The Master of Modern Cookery
- - - -

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Appareil Maintenon - Two parts of onion sauce and one part mushroom sauce cohered with yolks of eggs; add minced mushrooms.
Aspic - Mould lined with aspic jelly, decorated to taste, ingredients placed in the interior.
Consommé Blanc - (White Consommé) - Shin of beef, veal knuckles, water, carrots, turnips, leeks, parsnips, celery-stick, onion with clove stuck in it, cook 5 hours, strain.
Consommé Clarifié - (Clarified Consommé) Lean beef chopped or passed through a mincing machine, and put in a pan with white of eggs previously beaten with water, add to the above white consommé, minced carrots and leeks, and bring quickly to the boil. Simmer gently for two or three hours.
Court-Bouillon - A: White or red wine, fish stock and aromatic herbs, for matelots. B: Salt water, milk, lemon juice, for white sea fish. C: Salt water, vinegar and aromatic herbs, for shellfish and river-fish.
Croûtons - Bread, cut different shapes and fried in butter.
Farce à l'Américaine - (American Stuffing) Chopped onions tossed with smoked bacon, add bread crumbs, salt and pepper.
Farce de Poisson - (Fish Forcemeat) Fillets of fish, pounded with white of eggs, pass through a sieve and gradually add cream until the proper consistency.
Fonds Blanc - (White Stock) Veal bones and shin of veal, fowls' carcasses, carrots, onion stuck with clove, leek, celery, faggot of herbs, water, salt. Boil 3 to 5 hours and strain.
Fonds Brun ou Estouffade - (Brown Stock or Estouffade) Whole shin of beef, shin of veal, raw ham, fresh pork rind, carrots and minced onions, browned in butter. Break the bones and colour in oven, moisten with water, add vegetables and Bouquet Garni. Cook 8 hours, strain.
Mirepoix - Cubes of carrot, onions, raw ham, bay leaf, thyme, tossed in butter.
Roux Brun - (Brown Roux) Clarified butter mixed with flour and cooked slowly in oven until light brown.

Ail - (Garlic) Blanched garlic cloves pounded in a mortar with butter – sieved.
Maitre-d'hôtel - Butter softened to a cream, mixed with chopped parsley, salt, black pepper, lemon juice.
Meunière - Nut brown cooked butter with lemon juice, chopped parsley.
Montpellier - Watercress, parsley, chervil, chives, spinach, chopped shallots, boiled 2 minutes, drained and pressed, add gherkins, capers, garlic, anchovy fillets, pounded with butter, yolk of raw eggs and hard. Add oil by degrees, cayenne pepper, sieved.
Noir - (Black) Cook butter until black, strain, add vinegar.
Raifort - (Horseradish) Scraped horseradish pounded with butter and sieved.

B Garniture et Sauces / Garnishes and Sauces
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Algérienne - Small tomatoes, peeled an cooked in oil, croquettes of sweet potato.
Ambassadeur - Duchesse potatoes, artichoke bottoms filled with mushroom purée, scraped horseradish.
Américaine - Slices of lobster tail and slices of truffle.
Ancienne - Small braised onions without colouring, and mushrooms.
Anglaise - Carrots, turnips, cauliflowers, French beans, plain boiled potatoes. All cooked in salt water.
Béatrix - Morels tossed in butter, new carrots, artichoke bottoms, fondante new potatoes.
Belle-Hélène - Grilled mushrooms filled with concassed tomatoes, new peas, new carrot and potato croquettes.
Bohémienne - Pilaf rice, concassed tomatoes, roundels of fried onions.
Boulangère - Onions and potatoes, salt and pepper, cook with the joint.
Bourgeoise - Shaped carrots, glazed onions, dice of bacon
Bourguignonne - Glazed onions, mushrooms tossed in butter, dice of bacon.
Bretonne - Haricot beans cohered with Bretonne sauce, chopped parsley.
Bruxelloise - Braised chicory, Brussels sprouts and château potatoes.
Cardinal - Collops of lobster and slices of truffles. Cardinal sauce mixed with dice of truffles and lobster.
Catalane - Artichoke bottoms and grilled tomatoes.
Daumont - Large mushroom heads cooked in butter, garnished with crayfish tails cohered with Nantua sauce, fish quenelles, fried soft roes.
Dauphine - Croquettes of Dauphine potatoes.
Dubarry - Cauliflower moulded into balls with a serviette, coated with Mornay sauce, glazed, château potatoes.
Favorite - Thick slices of fois gras, slices of truffles, asparagus heads.
Figaro - Small nests of duchesse potato, Vermicelli fried, garnish with small balls of carrots.
Financière - Quenelles, cockscombs and kidneys, slices of truffles, mushroom heads and stoned olives.
Florentine - Spinach leaves.
Forestière - Morels in butter, diced bacon, Parmentier potato.
Française - Spinach leaves, Anna potatoes.
Hongroise - Cauliflower moulded into balls, coated with Mornay sauce and paprika, glazed, chopped ham, glazed potatoes.
Jardinière - Carrots, turnips, French beans, flageolets, green peas, and cauliflower coated in Hollandaise sauce.
Lorraine - Braised red cabbage and fondant potatoes.
Louisiane - Sweet corn creamed, moulded rice on slices of fried sweet potato, roundels of fried banana.
Macédoine - Vegetables mixed and served in artichoke bottoms.
Matelote - Glazed onions, mushroom heads, heart-shaped croutons, trussed crayfish.
Montmorency - Artichoke bottoms garnished with carrot balls, noisette potatoes.
Napolitaine - Spaghetti cohered with butter, tomato sauce and cheese; small heaps of tomatoes concassed.
Provençale - Small tomatoes, stuffed mushrooms with duxelles and garlic.
Rossini - Collops of foe gras tossed in butter, slices of truffles. Meat glaze.
Samaritaine - Timbales of rice, Dauphin potatoes, braised lettuces.
Talleyrand - Macaroni cohered with butter and cheese, garnished with julienne of truffles and slices of fois gras.
Victoria - Macaroni, tomatoes, lettuces and mashed potatoes.

Aïoli - Garlic cloves pounded with boiled potato, egg yolk, salt, pepper, lemon juice and oil.
Béarnaise - Reduction of chopped shallots, mignonnette pepper, tarragon, salt and vinegar. Add yolks of eggs and finish as Hollandaise sauce, add crayfish, butter and cream. Garnished with crayfish tails.
Béchamel - White roux moistened with milk, salt, onion stuck with cloves, cook for 20 minutes.
Cardinal - Béchamel sauce with fish stock, truffle essence and lobster butter, cayenne pepper.
Hollandaise - Reduction of vinegar with mignonnette pepper. Add yolk of eggs and whisk in gradually some melted butter and a little water or cream, strain and finish with lemon juice, (Must not boil)
Mayonnaise - Put some yolk of eggs in a basin. Season with salt, pepper, cayenne, pour some vinegar on the yolks while whisking briskly, add oil gradually, finish the sauce with lemon juice and a little boiling water to prevent turning.
Mornay - Béchamel sauce mixed with butter, grated gruyère and parmesan.
Oignons - (Onion Sauce) Minced onions cooked in milk, seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Persil - (Parsley) Butter sauce with blanched, chopped parsley.
Velouté - White roux. Moisten with white stock.

C Hors d'oeuvre
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Barquettes - Small boat-shaped crusts, garnished in any way, chicken, vegetables, oysters, etc.
Canapés - Toast, cut into various shapes, round, square, oval, etc.
Frivolités - Hors d'œuvres composed of moulded cream, barquettes, tartlets, etc.
Fruits de Mer - All sorts of raw sea shell fish except oysters, served with bread and butter.
Huitres - Oysters served on crushed ice, with brown bread and butter, lemon quarters or shallot sauce.
Salade de Pieds de Mouton - Sheep's feet, cooked and boned, cut into small fillets, seasoned with oil and vinegar.
Tartelettes - Are garnished with mousse or compound butters, and finished according to taste or fancy.
Variantes - Assortment of blanched artichoke bottoms, French beans, cauliflowers etc, marinated in oil, vinegar, coriander and English mustard.

D Potages /Soups
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Aurore - Consommé thickened with tapioca and tomato purée. Garnished with Julienne of Chicken.
Brunoise - Consommé garnished with small cubes of carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, peas and chervil.
Floréal - Chicken consommé garnished with carrots, turnips, peas, asparagus heads, small quenelles with pistachio powder and chervil shreds.
Milanaise - Chicken in consommé with tomato flavour, garnished with mushrooms, ham, truffles, spaghetti. Cheese.
Parisienne - Consommé with leek flavour, garnished with julienne of potato and leek.
Ail - Thin slices of French bread sprinkled with grated cheese and gratinated. Boil some garlic, sage, bay leaves, cloves, salt, pepper and pour over the toasted bread dressed in a soup bowl.
Bonne Femme - Minced leeks and potatoes fried in butter and moistened with white consommé; garnished with French bread, finished with butter and cream
Laboureur - Marmite with beef, mutton and chicken, garnished with vegetables and rice with saffron.
Savoyarde - Celery, leeks, onions and minced potatoes, tossed in minced lard moistened with water and milk. Slices of toast with cheese.

Bisque d'écrevisses - Mirepoix of vegetables tossed in Butter with crayfishes, peppercorns, moistened with white wine, fish stock, consommé, and burned brandy; add tomato, faggot, rice. Cook 30 minutes. Pound and sieve. Butter and cream.
Céleri - Veloute with celery purée. Cream.
Crécy - Carrots puréed with rice. Butter and cream.
Flamande - Potato purée and Brussels sprouts. Cream or yolk of eggs.
Garbure - Vegetable purée, butter and cream (Separately). Fried croûtons.
Impérial - Tapioca cohered with yolk of eggs and cream, passed through a tammy, garnished with large sago.
Lamballe - ½ fresh peas purée and ½ tapioca. Butter.
Reine - Chicken purée with rice, garnished with rice. Liaison with cream or eggs.
Vuillemot - Haricot bean purée, garnished with shredded sorrel and rice, fried croutons, butter and cream.

Bortsch Koop - Julienne of leeks, carrots, onions, celery, beef, moistened with water. The consommé garnished with minced beetroot. (Separately): serve small pies in puff paste stuffed with chicken forcemeat and beetroot juice.
Mock Turtle - Thin half-glaze with celery and mushroom flavour, infusion of turtle herbs.
Selinka - Consommé with ham fumet, garnished with sauerkraut and blanched parsley.

E Œufs - Eggs
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Aumale - Mixed with tomatoes, dice of kidneys sautés with Madeira.
Leuchtemberg - Mixed with blanched chives, caviare in the centre.
Orloff - In cocottes: garnished with crayfish tails, slice of truffle on top.

Bergère - Interior garnished with minced mutton and mushrooms a thread of meat glaze around.
Parisienne - Interior coated with chicken forcemeat mixed with tongue, mushrooms and truffles, a thread of half-glaze
Zingara - With a thread of Zingar sauce around.

Aurore - Coated with tomato béchamel, grated cheese glaze.
Granville - Cut into quarters and mixed with Bordelaise sauce.
Portugaise - In half tomatoes cooked in oil, coated with tomato sauce.
Tripe (à la) - Cut into roundels and mix with onion sauce, chopped parsley.

Américaine - Dressed on rashers of grilled bacon, fried parsley. Tomato sauce.
Diable - Cooked in butter, both sides, pour over some nut-brown butter and vinegar.
Romaine - Poach egg, coated in Villeroy sauce, egg and crumb, fry deep fat, tomato sauce.

Coque - Plunge the egg in boiling water and cook two or three minutes.
Mollets - Boil for 5½ minutes, cool and shelled.
Moulés - Break the egg into buttered moulds, cook 5½ minutes, let stand a while and unmould.
Pochés - Break the eggs in boiling water and poach 2½ minutes, when done dip in cold water. Note: Add salt and vinegar before poaching.
Bénédictine - (A) In tartlets garnished with brandade of salt codfish with truffles coated with cream sauce. (B) On muffin toasted, with slice of tongue and the egg on it, coated with Hollandaise sauce.
Duchesse - On croutons of duchesse potatoes, coated with thickened gravy.
Florentine - In croustades garnished with spinach in leaves tossed in butter, coated with Mornay sauce and glazed.
Gratin - (or Mornay) In croustades, with Mornay sauce, glazed.
Verdi - In buttered moulds decorated with truffles and filled with scrambled eggs mixed with Parmesan, chopped truffles and beaten eggs, poached, dressed on croutons, surround base with half-glaze.

Bénédictine - Stuffed with brandade of morue and truffles, a thread of supreme sauce around.
Bonne-Femme - Mix with the beaten eggs, some dice of bacon, minced mushrooms and slices of onion tossed in butter.
Fines-Herbes - Mix with the eggs chopped parsley, chives, tarragon leaves, chervil.
Limousine - Mix with the eggs some dice of potatoes and ham tossed in butter.
Rognons - Stuffed with dice of kidneys tossed in butter and cohered with Madeira sauce.

F Poissions / Fish
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Aigrefin Flamande - (Haddock) Poach in white wine in a buttered dish, garnish with onions and mushrooms. Dress, reduce the liquor, add parsley and coat the fish.
Alose Grille - (Shad) Season, marinade with oil, lemon juice, parsley, thyme, bay. Grill. Separately – melted butter.
Anguilles Orly - Eel fillets, season egg and crumb, fry deep fat. Tomato sauce.
Bouillabaisse (Marseillaise) - Fish to employ: racasses, John Dory, whiting, conger-eel, red mullets, langoustines (all from Mediterranean). Large fishes cut, others whole. Preparation – Fried in oil, minced onions, leek, add crushed garlic, bay leaf, fennel, dice of tomato. Set some fried slices of bread in a deep dish, pour over cooking liquor, serve fish in another dish.
Brochet Anglaise - Fillets of pike, seasoned, bread crumbed baked in oven in a gratin dish, serve in the dish.
Coquilles Saint-Jacques Gratin - (Scallops) Blanch, slice, braise in white wine and mushrooms cooking liquor, place in the shells and coat with gratin sauce, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and set in oven to gratin.
Crevettes Frittes - Alive, toss shrimps in clarified butter or oil, cayenne pepper.
Escargots Vigneronne - (Snails) Toss the snails in butter with chopped shallots, garlic, salt and pepper, dip them in batter and fry in walnut oil.
Nymphes (Grenouilles) - (Frogs) Poach in white wine, let cool, coat with paprika, chaud-froid sauce, dress and decorate with tarragon leaves and sprigs of chervil, glaze with aspic jelly.
Harengs Grillés - (Herrings) Oiled and grilled, serve mustard sauce.
Homard Newburg - (Lobster) Cut up the live lobster, season and toss in butter and oil, swill with brandy and Marsala, reduce, add cream and fish stock, cook 15 minutes, dish the fillets in timbale, thicken the sauce with the creamy parts and coral, finish with butter, strain and coat.
Homard Thermidor - (Lobster) Dress the collops in halved carapaces and coat with Bercy reduction and mustard cohered with Mornay sauce, glaze.
Moules Marinière - (Mussels) Stewed in their shells with shallots and white wine, cohere with beuerre manié, and lemon juice, serve in timbale, chopped parsley.
Potted Char - Poach in white wine with mirepoix, remove the fillets and lay them in an earthen pot, cover with clarified butter, cook in oven 15 minutes, keep in cool place.
Sole Bercy - Poached with shallots and chopped parsley, white wine and fish stock. Reduce the stock, add butter and coat the fish, glaze.
Sole Boitelle - As Bercy, with sliced mushrooms
Sole Bonne-Femme - As Boitelle with a border of slices of steamed potatoes.
Sole Vin Blanc - Poached in white wine, coated in the reduced cooking liquor mixed with white wine sauce.
Tortue Baltimore - (Turtle) Cooked pieces of turtle, tossed in nut brown cooked butter, dressed in cocotte, with thickened gravy, and a glass of Xérès wine [sherry].
Truite George Sand - (Trout) Filleted, poached, skinned, coated in shrimp sauce, garnished with quenelles and shrimps, slices of truffle.

G Entrées D'abats, Entrées Volantes / Preparations of Offal, Poultry and Game
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Boudions blanc et noirs - (Black and white puddings) Are served grilled
Cervelles Bourguignonne - (Brains) Poach. Dress with garnish and Bourguignonne sauce.
Foie à l'Anglaise - (Liver) Cut in slices, grilled, dressed alternately with grilled rashers of bacon.
Oreilles Frites - (Ears) Calves ears, blanch, braise in Madeira, cut in shreds, dip in batter and fry deep fat. Serve with tomato sauce.
Queue de Bœuf Cavour - (Oxtail) In sections, braise with brown stock and white wine, place in a cocotte and add the braising stock, strain and thicken. Serve with chestnut purée.
Rognons Marchand de Vin - (Kidneys) Tossed in butter, cohered with red wine Bercy sauce.
Tripes a la Mode de Caen - (Tripe) Carrots, onions, ox feet, tripe with beef fat and herbs, moistened with white wine, cider, brandy, cooked 10 hours.

Canard Bigarde - (Duck) Cooked underdone, remove the fillets and slice lengthways. Bigarde sauce.
Canard à l'orange - (Duck) Braised, add orange and lemon and julienne of zest, surround with quarters of oranges skinned raw.
Poulet Châtelaine - (Chicken) Cooke in cocotte, add white wine and half-gaze, garnish with artichoke quarters, truffles, cocotte potatoes.
Poulet Alexandra - Lard with tongue and truffles, poach, remove the suprêmes, replace with mousseline forcemeat, reshape the bird, coat with Mornay sauce, glaze, garnish with tartlets filled with asparagus heads, place a scallop of supreme on each, surround with a thread of pale glaze.
Poulet Carmelite - (Cold) Scallop the suprêmes, coat with Chaud-froid sauce flavoured with mushroom essence, surround with grooved mushroom heads.
Poulet Élysée - Stuff with chicken mousseline and foie gras purée, truffles, poach, surround with Régence garnish, Suprême sauce.
Poulet Reine - Poach, cover with Suprême sauce, surround with timbales of chicken purée.
Poulet Rossini - Rinse with Madeira and half-glaze, dress in terrine, garnish with slices of foie gras and quarters of truffles, seal lid with thin paste, finish in the oven.
Poulet Vichy - Poach, cover with Suprême sauce, finish with purée of carrots, garnish with tartlets crusts filled with Vichy carrots.
Oie - (Goose) Is roasted and stuffed the English way, with apple sauce and gravy.

H Entrées, Releves, Rotis / Entrées and Releves of Butcher's Meat
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Américaine - Grilled. Fried egg on top, serve with tomato sauce.
Forestière - Fry in butter, coat with mushroom sauce and mushroom heads. Garnish with sautéed morels, dice of bacon and Parmentier potatoes.
Hambourg or Bismark - Chopped raw, seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg and raw egg, chopped onions, tossed in butter, mix together, divided and shaped like a Tournedos, flour and cook in clarified butter.
Lyonnaise - Cook in butter, garnish with sliced onions, coat with half-glaze.
Vert-Pré - Grilled, garnish with straw potatoes and water-cress.

Cotes Bergère - Egg and bread crumbs, cook in clarified butter, dress in a circle alternately with slices of grilled ham, garnish centre with straw potatoes, surround with cooked morels or Mousserons and glazed onions (small).
Mouton Bretonne - Egg and bread crumbs, cook, dish in the form of a crown, garnish centre with beans a la Bretonne, serve with thickened gravy.
Mouton Minute - Cut thin, fry quickly in butter, add chopped parsley and lemon juice to the cooking butter.
Mouton Réforme - Egg and bread crumbs, with chopped ham added to the bread crumbs. Serve with Réforme sauce.
Veau Belle-Vue - (Veal) Braise, decorate with truffles and cooked vegetables, garnish with aspic.
Veau Marigny - (Veal) Cooked in butter, garnish with tartlets filled with peas and French beans alternately. Serve with thickened gravy.

Alexandra - Cook in butter, garnish with slices of truffles and artichoke bottoms
Choisy - Cooked in butter, dressed on croutons, cover with white wine half-glaze sauce, garnish with braised lettuces and Château potatoes.
Dubarry - Cooked in butter, surround with small cauliflowers covered with Mornay sauce and glazed. Sauce Madeira half-glaze.
Marie-Thérèse - Cook in butter, coat with tomatoed half-glaze, garnish with timbales filled with rizotto and sliced truffle on top.
Nichette - Cook in butter, garnish with grilled mushrooms filled with small balls of carrots, coat with marrow sauce combined with cockscombs and kidneys.
Romanoff - Covered with cream sauce mixed with chopped cèpes, cover the top with Béchamel sauce finished with crayfish butter, surround the borders with braised half fennels, serve stock separately.

Pieces de Bœuf - Lard rump of beef, season and pickle in brandy and wine 4 hours, dry. Brown in hot fat, moisten with pickle and brown stock, add herbs and mushroom peelings, cook in oven. Pass and reduce sauce, thin glaze.
Bœuf Bourguignonne - As above, with Bourguignonne garnish.
Porc Choucroute - Roasted, served with braised sauerkraut and gravy.

Carbonnades - Scallops of beef tossed in butter or lard nicely browned, then cooked in a sauté dish with finely chopped onion, drop of beer and brown stock mixed with brown roux, add a little demerara sugar, cook in over 3 hours.
Cassoulet - (1) Haricot beans cooked with onions, carrots, garlic, herbs, fresh pork rind, blanched and tied together, when half cooked add a piece of breast of pork and a garlic sausage. (2) Cut into squares shoulder of mutton or goose, fry with chopped onions and garlic, moisten with the bean stock, cook, garnish dish or cocotte with alternate layers of mutton or goose, beans, bacon cut into dice, and slices of sausage, sprinkle with crumbs, browned in the oven.
Daube Provençale - (Stew) Pieces of beef larded with fat bacon, rolled in chopped parsley and crushed garlic, pickled with white wine and brandy, oil, to be cooked in a braising pan with alternate layers of beef, pork rind, carrots, chopped onions, thyme, bay leaf, tomatoes, mushrooms, stoned black olives, herbs, orange peel.
Goulache - (Goulash) Cubes of beef, chopped onions, garlic, paprika, smoked bacon, water, put in stew pan and cook slowly, garnish with boiled potatoes.
Lièvre a la Royale - (Royal Jugged Hare) Line a braising pan with bacon, place hare in it, add carrots, 4 onions stuck with cloves, 20 cloves of garlic, 40 shallots, herbs, ½ bottle red wine, a little vinegar, braise in oven 5 hours.
Galantine - Skin and bone fowl or game, season, marinade with tongue, truffles, lardons, pistachios, brandy, Madeira. Forcemeat made from the meat, and rolled inside the skin, wrapped in bacon and cooked. Served cold and sliced.
Pâtè - Flour and butter paste to line mould, filled with scallops of meat and lardons, cover with fat bacon, paste on top, egg wash, decorate and cook.

I Salades / Salads
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Américaine - Curly chicory, tomatoes and sliced artichoke bottoms, julienne of green pimentos and whites of hard-boiled eggs, cover with hard yolks, sieved, vinaigrette with mustard.
Châtelaine - Hard-boiled eggs, truffles, artichoke bottoms, potatoes, vinaigrette with chopped tarragon.
Impériale - French beans, carrots, apples and truffles cut in Julienne, vinaigrette and chopped parsley.
Monte-Carlo - Dice of pineapple and oranges, grains of pomegranate, lemon juice and cream, dressed in tangerine skins, served on crushed ice, hearts of lettuce between each.
Niçoise - French beans, tomato quarters, potatoes, decorate with fillets of anchovy. Olives and capers. Vinaigrette sauce.
Tosca - Dice of chicken with truffles, celery and parmesan cheese, mayonnaise with anchovy essence thinned with mustard vinaigrette.
Waldorf - Dice of celeriac, russet apples, halved peeled walnuts, thin mayonnaise.

J Légumes et Pâtes alimentaires / Vegetables and Farinacious products
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Anglaise - Shape, cook in steamer and season.
Anna - Cut in cylinders, slice in rounds, wash and dry, set in layers on a special pan with clarified butter, cook in oven, when half done turn over to colours both sides.
Château - Shape like a large olive, blanched, roasted nice brown, in butter.
Chips - Slices very thin, fry in deep fat.
Croquettes - Purée, shape as you fancy, egg and bread crumb, fry deep fat.
Dauphine - One part choux paste without sugar, two parts Duchesse Potato, shape as corks, egg and bread crumb.
Dauphinoise - Cut in raw slices, cook in oven with milk and grated Gruyère cheese.
Duchesse - Cook as purée, thicken with yolks of eggs.
Fondantes - Château potatoes, cooked in covered pan with a little white wine consommé.
Gratinées - Mashed potatoes well buttered, put into a gratin dish, sprinkle with cheese and browned.
Lyonnaise - Sauté potatoes, mixed with onions.
Marquise - Pommes Duchesse mixed with tomato sauce.
Parmentier - Cut into ½ inch cubes, cook in clarified butter.
Rissolées - As château, well browned.

Bolonaise - With slices of fillet of beef, cooked with chopped onions, veal stock and herbs.
Italienne - Cook, strain, season, add butter, cream and grated cheese. Mix together.
Napolitaine - As Italienne, add tomatoes in dice and tomato sauce.

K Entrements - Sweets
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Crème Anglaise - 16 yolks of eggs, 1 lb sugar. Beat together. Add 1 quart boiling milk, vanilla. Cook slowly until thick.
Crème Frangipane - 1lb sugar. Work in gradually 8 eggs and 16 yolks. Add 10 oz flour, 5 pints milk. Boil a few minutes. Vanilla.
Crème Pâtissière - 12 yolks, work with 1 lb sugar. Add 4 oz flour. Mix in a quart of milk. Let boil. Vanilla.
Sauce Framboises - Raspberry jam thinned with syrup, flavoured with kirsch.
Sauce Noisette - Crème Anglaise, mix with powder of aveline toffee.
Bavarois - 16 oz sugar work with 16 yolks, add quart of milk cook like a custard, add 1 oz gelatine, vanilla, let cool and mix 1 quart whipped cream.
Blanc-manger - (Blancmange) 1 lb sweet almonds pounded with a glass of water. Strain the liquid, mix with 8 oz sugar and 1 oz gelatine. Flavour to taste.
Charlotte de Pommes - Line in a well-buttered mould some oblong slices of bread. Fill the interior with quarters of apples partly cooked in butter. Cook in oven. Dish up. Pour apricot sauce over.
Charlotte Chantilly - Mould lined with finger biscuits, filled with whipped cream.
Crème Caramel - Moulds lined with caramel sugar, filled with Crème reversée custard, cook in oven in bain-marie.
Crème Mont-Blanc - Whipped cream with chestnut purée.
Crêpes Gil-Blas - Spread pancake with 4 oz butter worked with 4 oz sugar and aveline powder.
Crêpes Suzette - As Gil-Blas, flavoured with curaçao and tangerine.
Omelette Célestine - Small omelette with marmalade in centre, another larger spread with jam. Roll together, sprinkle sugar, glaze with red iron.
Albert Pudding - 1 lb butter, 1 lb sugar, 16 yolks, 1 lb flour, 16 whites beaten stiff, 1 lb candied cherries, cut in dice, custard, Madeira.
Bread-and-Butter Pudding - Slices of bread and butter in a pie dish, Sultanas and currants, fill dish with custard preparation.
Cabinet Pudding - Pieces of finger biscuits in a Charlotte mould, mixed peel, sultanas and currants, fill with custard, flavour vanilla.
Souffles - Crème pâtissière, yolk of eggs, mix the whites whipped in a firm froth.
Fruits Cardinal - Strawberries, Peaches, Pears – poached, dressed on vanilla ice, covered with raspberry purée. Sprinkle with sliced grilled almonds.
Fruits Compote - All kinds of fruits peeled and poached in light syrup, flavour to taste.
Hélène - Pears, Apples, poached, dressed on vanilla ice and candied violets. Serve with hot chocolate sauce.
Marguerite - Wild strawberries soaked in kirsch and maraschino, mix with grenadine sorbet, decorate whipped cream, flavour maraschino.
Melba - Strawberries, nectarines, peaches, pears – dressed on vanilla ice, cover with raspberry purée.
Sarah Bernhardt - Nectarines, peaches – poached, dressed on pineapple ice, covered with mousse of strawberries and curaçao.

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